Host a Fantasy 
Foto Party!
Its Friends, Family, Fun & Beautiful Portraits!

The event takes place at your home, or another location of your choice, where everyone can be comfortable. You and each guest will be scheduled for a 15 minute photography session. During each session, portraits of groups, individuals or a combination of both can be taken. There is no limit to possess

 You provide:
·                  A suitable space for creating photographs
(park, garden, well-lit spare bedroom, dining room or office).
·                  Invite a minimum of 6 guests to participate in the event. $30.00 each
·                  Party food and drink for your guests. (Optional)
·                  Deliver portraits to guest

 I will:
·                  Arrive an hour before the event to set up the session area and equipment.
·                  Ask guest to sign a model release to reuse there portrait
·                  Provide one manipulation per guest/group
·                  Get the orders to you by mail.

Additional portraits may be purchased directly from artist after the party
Host receives a free 8x10 with model release.
3-4 weeks to receive portraits


Pre pay your party for convenience, no one has to bring there wallets, just concentrate on the fun, and everyone gets one 8 x10

Schedule your guest’s photography sessions 15 minutes apart.

Encourage your guests to bring multiple outfits, hats, and any other props that they would like to use to personalize their photographs.

Have games, movies etc… while they wait

Themes for Portrait Parties
Are only limited to your imagination!

• Angelic • Fae  • Dark  •Mer • Prince  & Princess • Pirate Party • wizard party Sweet Sixteen •  
Boudoir  • Ladies Night • Halloween   Christmas  • Valentine • Mothers Day • Fathers Day •

Printable s Available:  
Sign Up Sheet Invitations • • Model Release

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