Lucky 13

Cross your finger Fantasy Foto Fans gearing up for another Free Fantasy Foto shoot in 2013.
yes 2012 is passing us by while my studio is relocating 3000 miles away from its previous location, and no , no permanent studio yet. But like everyone else I am glued to my computer and there is no reason not to work it into the ground creating fantasy's for you. So keep watching checking and yes hopefully donating and some how I'll make elephants fly.


  1. I would like to buy one of kennedy's photos. Options? She is the middle angel of the three. The one used in the art show article. Let me know what I need to do.


  2. Hello Ms. Daniels (yes)
    as luck would have it I Literally just finished posting Kennedy's picture please visit the following links to purchase products featuring your little angel at your leisure Thanks !


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