Donations for a Little Fish

Oh yes art requires funds, and I know funds everywhere are tight. thus I haven't offered any free stuff in a while , but gearing up for it . I moved 3,000 miles away from my last studio, in a blizzard, in a hurry, with some serious health concerns . So a lot of equipment was left behind , lost , or just plain worn out and needs to be replaced or at least substituted to carry this out . So I am starting early on the request to make this happen. Chief among these is my Wacome Tablet. Scratched, dented , bent and stuttering my 2007 tablet has done ALOT  but its reaching its final days and must be replaced to accommodate the load of work Free Shoots produce . So please donate $13.00 to the 2013 Free Fantasy Foto shoot . or Generous souls can purchase from my Wish List on Amazon. 

"I'm just a little fish in a great big pond , but if you feed me I will grow"

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